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For the use of Doplim you must agree with our Terms of Use, so you must have full knowledge of them, as well as their updates. These Conditions may be modified due to changes and additions that are made on the site. If you do not agree to these Conditions, unfortunately you will have to discontinue the use of Doplim.

By accepting these Conditions, the User understands and accepts that they may receive communications from Doplim or from those Doplim designates, including but not limited to notifications, inquiries, surveys and / or notifications required or not by the current legal system.


The announcements, messages, comments, photographs, documents, sounds, videos, images or other materials that have been published, transmitted or linked through our site are the responsibility of the person who owns them. Therefore, the person who adds content to our site is responsible for it, whether it is content sent via email or made available to our users through our service. Doplim does not control nor is it responsible for the content available on our site posted by our users. That is why we advise you to pay attention because you may be exposed to offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading content posted by our users. Additionally, Doplim may contain links to other Web sites that may not be completely related to Doplim. Doplim is not a representative nor is it responsible for the security and authenticity of the information contained in said websites. Use of these sites is at your own risk. By using Doplim you agree that you should evaluate and consider the risks associated with the content on our site. You agree that you will not completely trust the content published, sent or made available on Doplim by our users; Since Doplim is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused to you. You agree to be aware that Doplim does not perform a prior review of the content; that you have the right under your complete discretion but not the obligation to reject, delete or move content available on the site, in case you consider that it violates the spirit of the same, our terms and conditions, or for any other reason.


If you believe that your content has been copied in any way, thereby violating your copyright or intellectual property rights, you can notify a Doplim agent through our customer service. for Please provide our representatives with the following information:
1. Document where you provide the content that has been copied or the intellectual property that has been violated.
2. Document where you identify the content in Doplim that copies the content that you want to claim for violating your copyright and intellectual property rights, with enough information to be able to locate it on the site.
3. A statement in which you establish that the copied information has not been authorized by the owner of the same, his representative or any law.
4. A statement in which you establish that the above information provided to Doplim is true and that you are the owner of the content that has been copied or the legal representative thereof.
5. Your address, telephone, email and
6. Your physical or electronic signature. for Once Doplim verifies that the information provided is correct, it will proceed with the elimination of the content that violates your rights.


By using Doplim services you agree that at Doplim's discretion, it may retain or disclose your content, as well as your personal information (email, IP address, or other information) if it is legally required or if it thinks it can help. to: resolve legal processes, enforce our Terms of Use, resolve any claim for violation of copyright and intellectual property, respond to the claim of a third party for finding their personal information published on our site without their prior authorization or for the purposes of harassment, as well as to help protect the rights, property or personal protection of its users.


You agree that you will not publish, send by email, or make available in Doplim the Content that:

a) Goes against the law, is dangerous, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libidinous, invasive of the freedom of others, or that harms minors in any way;

b) Harass, degrade, intimidate or be aggressive against any individual or any group of individuals due to religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability;

c) Shows the appropriation of the identity of another person or entity, including but not limited to any employee of Doplim; or falsely establish affiliation with any person or entity.

d) Include personal information of someone else without their explicit consent.

e) Be false, deceive, mislead, bad report.

f) Violate any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or any other property right of any person or entity; or that provides information that should not be disclosed according to law, contracts or fiduciary relationships.

g) Constitutes or contains unwanted commercial advertising material, junk mail (spam).

h) Constitutes or contains any form of advertising in categories not designated for said purposes, or that is sent to Doplim users who have not requested other services, products or commercial interests.

i) Include links to commercial Web sites on our site except for the category of services.

j) Advertise illegal services or offer the sale of products that are prohibited or restricted by law for sale.

k) Contains viruses or are codes, documents, programs; for the purpose of interrupting, destroying or limiting the operation of the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment of any individual or of Doplim.

l) Interrupt the normal communication dialogue in Doplim, by sending an excessive number of messages affecting the service.

m) Use misleading email addresses, false titles or manipulate them to disguise the origin of the content transmitted through our service.

Additionally you accept:

a) Do not contact anyone if you have not been requested.

b) Do not harass anyone.

c) Do not collect personal information from other users for commercial or illegal purposes

d) Do not use "spiders", "robots", "crawlers", or any other type of system to analyze or copy the information found in Doplim; except from this limitation to search engines or non-commercial public archives.

e) Do not place content that is not local, or is irrelevant.

f) Do not post the same or similar content in more than one category.

g) Attempting to gain unauthorized access to Doplim computers and / or systems.


You agree that it is prohibited to send unsolicited mail with advertising to emails found in Doplim or through Doplim.


You accept that you are aware that Doplim has certain limits regarding the service it offers, for example: a limit of sent emails or other content that can be transmitted or stored by Doplim, limit of comments to notices, limit of days that the content will remain on the site, limit on the amount and size of the ads, as well as a limit on how often you can access our service.

You also accept that Doplim reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue at any time and without prior notice its service or part of it; without being responsible for such acts.


You agree that Doplim in its sole discretion has the right but not the obligation to delete or deactivate your account, email or IP address from our service; stop offering you their service or part of it; remove or discard any content for any reason (for example, if Doplim thinks that you have not acted in accordance with our conditions). You agree that Doplim is not responsible to any person for the termination of access to Doplim.


You agree that the interactions that arise with organizations or individuals through our service; including payment or shipping of products and services; Determination of terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such transactions remain with you. You agree that Doplim is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by such transaction. If there is any conflict between users of the site or between users and third parties, you agree that Doplim is not obliged to get involved. In the event that you have a conflict with one or more of our users, release Doplim, its employees, agents and successors from any claim or damage (current or consequential) of any known or unknown nature, expected or unexpected, revealed or undisclosed, from the conflict and / or the service.


The Doplim service and its content, as a collective work and / or compilation, are protected by all laws and treaties applicable to copyright and intellectual property. Any reproduction, modification, redistribution of our site or of your collective work, as well as the creation derived from it, is prohibited.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate or copy any content of the Doplim service, as well as to comply with the announcements regarding copyright displayed on our service. You also agree not to decompile, disassemble, or perform any act that attempts to discover the source codes contained in our service. Without any future limitation, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes any aspect of our service. Doplim is a registered and patented trademark.

Although Doplim does not claim ownership of the content published by its users, by publishing the content in any of the public areas of our service, you automatically accept and guarantee to give Doplim the irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, paid, worldwide license to: use , copy, show, interpret, distribute this content; as well as to carry out derivative works of it, or to incorporate it into other works. You also grant and authorize sub-licenses (through third parties) for the future.


You agree that use of Doplim is entirely at your own risk. The Doplim site and its service is offered without any kind of tacit or express guarantee, to the extent legally permitted. Doplim is not responsible for the security, reliability, punctuality, accuracy, performance of the Doplim site or its service. Doplim is not responsible for any guarantee of other services or products received through its site, its service, or through access to links found in it, to the extent permitted by law. Nor is it responsible for viruses or dangerous components found in connection with Doplim or its service.


To the extent permitted by law, Doplim will not be liable under any circumstances for direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or any other type of damage resulting from the use of Doplim or its service; even if Doplim had knowledge of the possibility of said damages, whether they come from the use or misuse of Doplim, its interruption, suspension, modification, alteration, termination of the same or its service. Limited liability will also apply to damages incurred by other services or products received through Doplim, such as links and advertising on the site.


The email address that the Doplim user uses to publish their ads and use its services may be used to send institutional or promotional communication by email or other electronic means of communication. The fact of using the services of Doplim means that the user gives consent for such communications. The user can revoke said consent by sending an email to contact


You agree that you will indemnify and support both Doplim and its officers, subsidiaries, partners, successors, directors, agents, suppliers, employees, for any claim made and for which you are responsible, for which you agree to pay the legal costs in those incurred. You are responsible if the claim is for any content placed on Doplim that you own, or have made available to others through our service, for content that violates our terms and conditions, such as the violation of the copyright of any of our users, among others.


The terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and Doplim, they establish the way in which the service will be used above any other existing previous agreement. The terms and conditions, as well as your relationship with Doplim must remain regulated by the laws, therefore both you and Doplim agree to submit to the laws of the corresponding country to resolve any conflict that may arise. The fact that Doplim does not exercise or enforce any right or provision of said terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver thereof. If any provision within these terms and conditions is found by any court to be invalid, the remaining provisions will remain valid. You agree that despite any statute or law to the contrary; Any claim arising from the use of our service, or these terms and conditions, must be made within the term of one year after it has been submitted, otherwise this right of action will expire.


Please report all kinds of violations of our Conditions, sending your comments via email or placing them in the notices that you think go against these Conditions.

In the event that Doplim does not enforce any of its rights, it does not mean the waiver of them. Because damages are sometimes difficult to be quantified, you understand and accept that damages that cannot be reasonably quantifiable, you will have to liquidate Doplim.

You agree that Doplim may take any legal action against you for the crime committed, and that you will have to pay Doplim 1,000 dollars (usd) for the damages caused. Otherwise, you agree to pay Doplim for actual damages, if they can be reasonably calculated.